From the beginning, Mornoon Coffee 's strategy is articulated through its Sustainability Plan , which is reviewed annually, and aims to become a leader and benchmark in the sector in the field of sustainability, generating a positive impact in the chain. of value.

How the way you drink coffee can change the world?

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations Global Compact, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond our daily operations, we help our collaborators and clients to be more sustainable through advice and implementation of a system of control and monitoring of its goals in the field of sustainability, taking as a guide and reference the United Nations SDGs through an analysis that revolves around social, environmental and economic aspects of the company, in order to add value to society, and strengthen its reputation and relationship with its different interest groups.

Doing things well does not require major investments, you just need to think about the best way to do things.



Product quality as a priority. With control systems and rigorous quality standards, always ensuring the highest quality of products at their optimal point of consumption.


High quality machines and equipment, with greater durability, and with the most advanced and efficient technology available. Without neglecting design and aesthetics, as well as its functionality and ease of use.


Diversification of products with emphasis on ease of consumption, that are healthy (without additives), with minimal environmental impact.


Technical assistance, control and periodic maintenance of equipment, ensuring its correct operation and performance, prolonging its useful life.


Customer service with rapid and effective response capacity through a solid team of our own and external collaborators.


R&D with a focus on efficiency and economic, social and environmental sustainability throughout the value chain, from the coffee-growing communities at origin, through harvesting, processing and logistics, to roasting, packaging and preparation in a cup at the client's home.


R&D in eco-friendly packaging: Prioritizing the ease of recycling, using containers and packaging made of a single material, biodegradable, and/or 100% recyclable. Optimizing and reducing necessary waste to the minimum, promoting its reuse.


Guarantee fair trade, providing stability to coffee farmers by paying a fair price for their work and product, empowering coffee communities and improving the quality of life of their families and communities.


Positive environmental impact: Measurement, reduction and compensation of the carbon footprint in its scope 1, 2 and 3, establishing clear goals and including the necessary investments to meet the set objectives.


Positive social impact: Collaboration with humanitarian aid and development cooperation organizations and NGOs, both in the communities and environments where we operate, as well as in countries in situations of conflict or natural disasters.


Sustainability advice and consulting: Offering training and advice programs to collaborators, clients and partners in the field of business sustainability, having the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a roadmap, and sharing experiences, lessons learned and best practices in for a more sustainable and healthy world.


Educational content: Through our social networks and media we continually publish information about our products and services, aimed at teaching the benefits and properties of high-quality coffee and its different preparation methods, as well as content on sustainability, with the aim of in order to create awareness and inspiration in generating positive change.


Collaboration and alliances with non-governmental organizations, academic institutions or other related companies that have a purpose beyond the economic one, focused on sustainability, and generating a positive impact on the planet.


Offset and reforestation programs: Allocating a portion of the profits to carbon offset and reforestation programs.